Veterinary services from Abbott Animal Health

Abbott Animal Health provides top-of-the-line products to help you improve the quality of care you can provide to your patients. Just remember that our help doesn’t end once you’ve bought our products. In fact, that’s when we really begin to offer you our support.


The medical arena continues to advance with new techniques and treatment options. To keep pace, it is imperative that new avenues are explored to increase staff knowledge on diverse veterinary issues. Abbott Animal Health can assist veterinary practices in keeping up to date through continuing education seminars, in-clinic demonstrations, and pre-packaged training modules. Sales consultants can provide details on current educational information as well as new programs as they are launched.

Visit the Education Section of this website for more information on a variety of topics related to veterinary care. You can also take advantage of our online CE-accredited educational modules by visiting our classroom at

Personal Service

Abbott Animal Health will be right by your side where it all happens: patient examination room, operating room, or practice waiting room. Specialized Abbott Animal Health sales consultants can provide:

  • In-clinic product demonstration
  • Educational materials
  • Product training
  • In-services for staff
  • Access to thought leaders in the practice of veterinary medicine and surgery


Every day, veterinary staff are faced with the demands of becoming experts in all areas of patient care. Abbott’s sales consultants are prepared to help by discussing alternate product techniques and product choices, and by providing supplemental education.

Look for Abbott Animal Health to be right by your side with new ideas to help improve practice efficiency and profitability. Take a look at these materials for an example of what your Abbott sales consultant can provide for you:

  • Invitation: A printable invite you can send to your clients, encouraging them to join you for a discussion on glucose monitoring
  • Process Chart: Step-by-step instructions helping you arrange in-client training for your client(s) and their pets
  • Anesthetic Record Sheet: A chart that can help you keep track of the anesthesia used during an operation
  • Daily Checklist for Anesthesia Machines: A list of things to look for every day to help make sure your Anesthesia Machines are kept in top working order

Let's all do our part to act responsibly and protect our environment.

The American Veterinary Medical Association, in conjunction with Abbott Animal Health, has developed three posters, based on the Best Management Practices for Pharmaceutical Disposal, to remind veterinarians and veterinary staff of proper methods of drug disposal. Display the posters in your clinic or work space.

In Search of Knowledge?

Visit the Abbott Animal Health Education Center to learn more about a range of topics including Glucose Monitoring, Anesthesia, and Fluid Therapy






AAHW-130 R1 January 2013