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Clinicare RF Feline Liquid Diet

Clinicare RF Feline Liquid Diet

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8 oz (237 mL)

Specialized Nutrition

CliniCare RF is a liquid diet formulated with lower protein and lower electrolytes, designed to meet the needs of adult cats with renal impairment.

For cats with healthy livers and kidneys, or dogs in need of nutrition, be sure to select CliniCare Canine/Feline.

Incorporating CliniCare Into Your Practice is as Easy as A-B-C

Adaptable: Easily administered via feeding tube, syringe or free choice

Balanced: Formulated to meet AAFCO standards for complete nutrition for adult cats.

Convenient: Ready to feed in a pop-top can. No mixing, diluting or addition of nutrients required. Store unopened cans at room temperature.

Feeding Sooner Can Minimize Risks1,2,3

Conventional wisdom says animals will eat when they feel better, but there's a new train of thought saying they will feel better when they eat.

By addressing nutrition as soon as possible after surgery, the patient will spend less time in the hospital, have a quicker return to desired weight, and reap the benefits of support to the immune system and healing process.

Nutrient Profile

See the full nutritional value of CliniCare RF Feline Liquid Diet by downloading the Technical Data Sheet

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