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Abbott Animal Health's comprehensive line of peripheral catheters were designed by veterinarians and technicians like you.
Confidence is key when placing a catheter. Now you can reach for an Abbott catheter with the confidence that it was designed with you in mind.
Our catheters were developed with an advanced design.
  • Sharper needle1 reduces tissue trauma and pain2
  • Bevel up orientation guided by touch
  • Transparent catheter hub to confirm proper placement
  • Eco-friendly packaging with 20% less plastic3 (based on weight only)
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Winged Infusion Sets

Our Winged Infusion Sets (WIS) allow easy venous access during short, everyday procedures. They are available in four gauge sizes with attached twelve-inch tubing.





List # Size
19 Gauge



List # Size
21 Gauge





List # Size
23 Gauge



List # Size
25 Gauge


Clinical Uses

WIS from Abbott Animal Health have multiple clinical uses, including

  • Blood draws
  • Delivery of I.V. fluids
  • Delivery of injectable drugs or other medications such as atropine
  • Venous access during anesthesia


Abbott Animal Health designed the WIS to be a cost-effective way to have venous access during anesthetic procedures when indwelling catheters are not used. Their benefits, however, go beyond cost and include:

  • Versatility and efficiency, with multiple clinical uses for one device
  • Less restraint and less preparation for insertion, as compared to indwelling catheters, reduces stress on the patient when rapidly delivering fluids or medication intravenously
  • Dependable venous access allowing the staff to be proactive versus reactive in an emergency situation
  • Supplied by Abbott Animal Health who supports a portfolio of products for veterinary use only

Catheter Insertion Techniques

The following instructional videos demonstrate the proper way to insert a variety of catheters into canines and felines.


1 Compared to Terumo Surflo® and BD Insyte.™ Data available by request.
2 Comparison of penetration force and catheter tip damage of intravenous catheters among different catheter tip designs. Suzuki T, Fukuyama H, Nishiyama J, Oda M, Takahashi M. Circ Cont, 24 : 39-45, 2003.
3 Compared to Terumo Surflo. ® Data available by request.
Surflo® is a registered trademark of Terumo Medical Corporation.
BD Insyte™ is a trademark of Becton, Dickinson and Company.



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