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SevoFlo (sevoflurane) is indicated for induction and maintenance of general anesthesia in dogs. Sevoflurane, the latest inhalant in veterinary anesthesia, has low blood: gas solubility and a greater range of vaporizer settings giving you rapid, precise control over the depth of anesthesia. In addition, SevoFlo doesn’t irritate airways.

You and your clients can expect a smooth return of patients’ cognitive and motor skills and a quick return home.

The SevoFlo Difference

SevoFlo includes four unique benefits that make it a smart choice for your practice:

  • SevoFlo contains a minimum of 300 ppm water. SevoFlo’s high water content can effectively inhibit the degradation of sevoflurane by Lewis acids. This degradation can result in by-products (such as hydrogen fluoride) which may damage equipment, including certain types of vaporizers.
  • SevoFlo is packaged in shatter-resistant plastic polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) bottles. Unlike glass bottles, PEN bottles are shatter-resistant and do not contain Lewis acids.
  • SevoFlo has local representatives and expert advice. Count on our local veterinary practice consultants for product support and advice. Also, our technical support department, veterinary liaisons and panel of anesthesiologists are standing by to help and advise regarding techniques, products and equipment.
  • Abbott Animal Health, provider of SevoFlo, is committed to training and education. Rely on Abbott for in-clinic training and educational materials and sponsorship of CE events to help you provide the best possible care. We even offer online CE-accredited educational modules at

When choosing an anesthetic, ask yourself if you’re currently getting  all the benefits SevoFlo delivers.

Download the full Prescribing Information for detailed dosage guidelines, warnings, side effects, precautions, and contraindications.

Most Common Adverse Reactions:

The most frequently reported adverse reactions during maintenance anesthesia were hypotension, followed by tachypnea, muscle tenseness, excitation, apnea, muscle fasciculations and emesis.


SevoFlo is contraindicated in dogs with a known sensitivity to SevoFlo or other halogenated agents.


  • Like other inhalation anesthetics, SevoFlo is a profound respiratory depressant.
  • Respiration must be monitored closely in the dog and supported when necessary with supplemental oxygen and/or assisted ventilation.
  • Due to SevoFlo’s low solubility in blood, increasing the concentration may result in rapid hemodynamic changes compared to other volatile anesthetics.
  • Potassium hydroxide containing CO2 absorbents (e.g., BARALYME®) are not recommended for use with sevoflurane.

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